Jordan Engineering Group specializes in wood frame building design. We incorporate an intuitive design approach that eliminates the need for oversized beams, studs, and other framing components that can greatly increase the cost of a project. Our designs are also attentive to the trade industries involved in wood-framed construction by providing designs that reduce the complexity of construction, allowing for a project to be built in a shorter time frame.

Value Engineering:

Up front meetings with the architect, builder, framer, geo-technical engineer, and mechanical engineer is the key to a successful project. Knowledge of trade preferences and incorporating those requests into our plans ultimately leads to the most cost-effective set of structural documents. Our commitment to a team approach enables all those involved to have valuable input from the projects inception and our engineering knowledge furthers the projects cost effectiveness. We have designed tens of thousands of wood frame structures and are in tune with the doís and doníts of framing techniques.

Foundation Design: 
Jordan Engineering Group provides structural designs for both conventional and post-tensioned foundations. We work closely with your geo-technical engineer to develop the most cost-effective foundation for each unique project. Our completed foundation plans are clear and concise with all pertinent information presented on one plan with the contractors needs in mind.

Roof/Floor Truss Component Design:
Jordan Engineering Group offers coordinated truss component drawings designed in house by highly trained and experienced truss technicians. By utilizing any of the four design software packages licensed to Jordan Engineering Group, we can design the truss components for your project in tandem with the structure. This unique process eliminates errors and ensures that the structure is fully coordinated from roof to foundation. This greatly shortens the time frame for project completion, minimizes field repairs, and maximizes savings.

During the component design process, Jordan Engineering Group has the unique capability to fully integrate the structure with the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical requirements of a project. Through the use of this process we can determine potential problem areas that can cause future call-backs due to performance related issues. This process eliminates deferred truss submittals, decreases lead time for the truss fabricator, and eliminates the requirement for back-end delays due to lack of coordination between the designer and the truss supplier. In short, it saves time and money.